Sky Mountain Hotel

March 26th, 2013

If you are planning a trip to Valdez in Alaska anytime soon, then the Sky Mountain Hotel is a great place to book your stay in. Valdez is testimony to natural beauty and if you are someone who is tired of the trials and travails that busy city life brings you, then a holiday in Valdez is something you deserve.

The Sky Mountain Hotel is a wonderful establishment that has all the amenities that guests may look for in a hotel. Located at 100 Meals Avenue, the Sky Mountain Hotel is downtown. This means that you can get away from the hustle and bustle of city life even if for a few days of pure holiday. The Sky Mountain Hotel is one of the best places to stay here and is perfect if you are travelling alone or with friends or family. The wonderful reviews that this hotel has got on travel forums on the internet speak highly of it.

Location: The location of this hotel is absolutely fantastic. In downtown and only a few minutes’ walk to the lovely restaurants and cafes that make up Valdez, this hotel is wonderful. The Valdez Museum also happens to be nearby and taking trips to it during your stay is not a problem at all. The 100 Meals Avenue is a wonderful place downtown where there are not only plenty of restaurants to make eating out a pleasure, but also many quaint shops.

Amenities: The Sky Mountain Hotel has plenty of amenities you can enjoy. It has all the amenities any guest may want or desire. A restaurant, cardio center, hotel-wide Wi-Fi, heated indoor pool and Jacuzzi are a few of the amenities you will love. There is also a complementary shuttle service you can use if you want. Wi-Fi is something that is of use to anyone in today’s world and a hotel that has Wi-Fi everywhere, including the rooms, has to be great!

Rooms: There are a large variety of rooms at the Sky Mountain Hotel in Valdez, Alaska. You can choose according to your budget and needs. It has Single, Double, Triple and Quad rooms available depending on the number of guests who are booking in. Prices usually start from $179 though it may vary from season to season. It is a good idea to check out with the hotel concierge or the website before making a booking. Most of the rooms at the hotel offer a beautiful view. Each room will have two double beds in it. Other than this, other items in the rooms include refrigerator, coffee maker, hair dryer, microwave, complementary Wi-Fi, cable TV with HBO and an alarm clock. Anything else you may need will be provided to you.

Food: A wonderful restaurant is present within the hotel promises for guests to eat in. The food is stupendous and has an amazing choice of dishes for guests to enjoy. There is also room service available at all times of the day or night. You can order food right to your room and enjoy it while watching television or chatting with family or friends.

Service: What sets apart the Sky Mountain Hotel in Valdez is the astounding service that the hotel staff provides. By any standards, this hotel is by far the best in Valdez when it comes to attentive service. At no point during your stay will you feel uncomfortable or in the need of someone to listen to you and provide to your needs. The staff is helpful, attentive and extremely hospitable. From the time you check in to the time you check out, you will notice service that is simply superb! Even the room service people are so attentive and they ensure that the food reaches your room hot and fresh! The housecleaning maids too are nice and friendly. So if you are a stickler for great service, then staying at the Sky Mountain Hotel is your best option.

Making reservations: The people at Sky Mountain Hotel in Valdez, Alaska, understand that tourists from all over the globe are going to be interested in it. That is why they have a wonderful website which helps people make reservations easily. Sometimes phone numbers don’t work for some reason but the internet does. So if you want to book holiday accommodation in this hotel, use their website. The website is user friendly and ensures you understand clearly which dates have been booked fully and which dates are still available.

What to do in Valdez, Alaska

After you have booked your accommodation, the next things to find out is what to do in Valdez. Here are a few things you could try:

Fishing: If you enjoy fishing, try doing it in Valdez. This is also the local pastime. It is actually a premier fishing destination. So no matter whether you are an expert fisherman or a novice, you will find a fishing angle in Valdez that will suit you. Valdez is also open all around the year for this activity. In fact, if you go during winter, you should definitely try ice fishing in frozen ponds and lakes! Yes, the people here take their fishing seriously! Not totally into the ice fishing aspect, feel free to try something a little more south of the border. Fishing offers great summer and sunshine fishing and boating experiences. From its beautiful marinas, to the glamorous boating lifestyle, it is surely a new and exciting experience.

Snowy’ activities: Alaska has amazing snow! Yes, that’s right. The freshest snow in the world is available here. And that is why ‘snowy’ activities are very popular here. Snowboarding, dog sledding, ice climbing and snow climbing are activities that you can enjoy here if you are the active type.

Prince William Sound: This is a spot that you cannot afford to miss if you are in Valdez, Alaska. You can choose a whole day-long tour or a more extended excursion of Prince William Sound and see all the exotic shorebirds, sea life and glaciers that Alaska is famed for. Sailboats, charters, rental boats and excursion vessels are available for hire here and they will take you to all the vantage points that Alaska is famous for.

As you can see, your stay at the Sky Mountain Hotel in Valdez is going to be filled with happy memories spent with friends and family. Plan a trip soon and receive two complimentary Toronto Hotels weekend passes.